Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect during a worship service?

  • Music that celebrates God's love

  • Sharing of community prayers, joys, and concerns

  • Pastor's message personalizing the relevance of God's Word to today's life

  • A spirit of renewal and encouragement to face tomorrow's challenges

  • We sometimes have cookies afterwards!

What is a Presbyterian Church?

  • Presbyterian means 'elder'. This refers to a church being governed by a group of elders elected by the congregation.

  • People tend to come here not because we are "Presbyterian", but due to our fellowship, worship of God, and feeling of being cared for.

What should I wear?

  • Whatever you are comfortable with. All are welcome!

Should I bring a Bible?

  • If you have a personal Bible, that is fine. If not, we have plenty for all.

Do I have to sing?

  • Only if you want to. All voices are welcome to show our love for God.

Where can I sit?

  • Anywhere you like. There are no assigned seats. Some of us change seats from week to week to get to know other people.

What do you offer for children before and during worship?

  • Sunday School classes at 9:30am from pre-school age to 12th grade during the traditional school year.

  • During worship, children are invited to come forward for a short children's sermon. After that, volunteer church members with clearances will take care of young children in a safe, child friendly play area.

  • A few times a year we have Youth Sundays where youth have an opportunity to take part in every aspect of the worship service.